Be Informed


The function of the Funeral Director and Funeral Home usually includes, but is not limited to processing first call and initial request for services, consulting with family, planning the funeral, preparing and filing legally required documents, coordinating final disposition with cemetery or crematory, (or arranging transportation of the deceased to or from mortuary or another location), placing obituaries, as well as general assistances, arranging Military Honors and processing survivor benefit claims.

Pre-Need or Pre-Arranged: You have arranged and/or paid for your funeral arrangements before there is a death. You make the decisions.
At-Need or Time of Need: Arrangements made at the time of a death. Next of kin makes the decisions.

Whether you are Pre-Arranging or making service arrangements At-Need several decisions will have to be made and you should spend some time discussing things with your loved ones. In most cases you can design your service to suit your needs, taste and budget. You should select your service arrangements by what is important to you. First you should decide if you want traditional or cremation services. This will affect the type of services that you arrange, such as do you want a traditional service with the body present and embalming, cremation, immediate burial where no embalming is required, or do you want to make an anatomical donation.

Your funeral director can educated you as to what options you have and what is or isn’t required. Some other things that you can decide are do you want a religious ceremony or a celebration of life or a combination, what type of casket, and outer burial container do you want, what type music, which scripture and poetry, what kind of flowers do you like or would you rather a donation be applied to a cause or toward your funeral costs, you choose which pictures of you are displayed. Think about what you want others to know about your life, your accomplishments, and what was important to you, no matter how modest or extravagant you should be able to plan the service you want.

Educated consumers make wise choices, they don’t purchase what they don’t want and don’t need. Ask your funeral director and cemeterian to assist you in finding out what is available, know your options, and assist you in making the best decisions possible, to arrange the service you want. You should design a service arrangement to suit your needs, with payment options to suit your budget. You should be provided with information so you can get exactly what you want; No matter how modest or extravagant the quality of your service should not be compromised. This is the last big decision that you make for your life on this earth, you should be informed so you get what you.

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