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30000 East Valor Drive, Grain Valley MO 64029
30000 East Valor Drive, Grain Valley MO 64029

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Dear Families:

In case you haven’t heard, we are proud to announce that Swan Lake Memorial Park has been named the Host site for the “NATIONAL COMBAT MEDICAL MEMORIAL”! Our goal is to turn Swan Lake Memorial Park into a “LIVING MEMORIAL CEMETERY” where you can enjoy activities like, family work shops, children activities,  boys and girls scouting events, church groups social events, educational activities, photo contests, community supported programs, and the future exercise/walking trails of Swan Lake.

Let the transformation begin, we have opened new gardens such as the Home Town Hero’s garden for Police, Firemen and EMT, a memory garden with an underground scatter garden, and we have recently dedicated 20 acres of the Cemetery to the Boy Scouts of America. They have been working diligently to create an encampment area which includes walking trails, cope course and an out door amphitheater. They have a ways to go but they really are having fun doing it. They had their first camp-out in July 2010, how wonderful it was to have vibrant young people bringing life to our “LIVING CEMETERY” This encampment area is open to all types of youth groups.

We welcome ideas for events and activities from you and your families.  We need volunteers to share their stories with children of the community in our open-air classrooms – how fulfilling for the volunteer to share their stories and provide, first hand education for the future leaders of our country. You can volunteer as often as you like, a class should last an hour minimum, but can go as long as you like, and we will have a schedule from the children’s teacher or youth group leader and we will coordinate dates and times.

We are also ready to start an online newsletter program. We hope our families will enjoy contributing ideas, articles and other information to be shared with all of our families.  We have provided advertising space in the newsletter and for a very low fee, we will be happy to place your business advertisement or other info or messages you would like to share.

Come see our new memorial ideas for your loved one.  Beautiful New Trees with Memorial Dedication Plaques, Garden Benches, Memorial Cradles for a whole new way to decorate your memorials, and additional items, like adding Family Photos or Swan Lakes unique decorative “Dragons Hero Emblems for the special recognition and achievements of your loved ones.

MISSION STATEMENT: It is our mission to make Swan Lake Memorial Park and Memorial Park Cemetery a thing of beauty that is a joy forever; we strive to increase its loveliness and will never let it pass into nothingness! We will strive to make your cemetery truly a place of honor and respect. We hope to accomplish this through creative ideas, volunteerism and the support of our customers, Remember this is your memorial, please help us to help you.

We will always honor every contract, if you have any questions about your purchases please contact the administration office directly and ask for Virginia. If you would like to verify your records please set and appointment with Virginia.

Thank you for trusting our family to take care of your family’s needs.

Virginia Garvey,

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